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UK-accredited certificates

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With this fool-proof formula, you are guaranteed to get to the next level in 3 months or less.

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There is a certain number of exercises and homework that we assign to each lesson.
We suggest dedicating at least 15 minutes daily to practice

Why englease?

Our aim is to provide you with personalized learning programs that guarantee your progress at the best prices. By joining englease, you will get:

7 English levels based on CEFR

Unlimited access to live classes

UK accredited certificate

Certified bilingual teachers


Our students’ success stories inspire us and keep us motivated!


Honestly, I loved the course and the treatment I received. The teachers are really professional and respectful!

Mohammad Talal


I want to thank you! I feel like I shouldn't wait this long to start learning; I loved the courses a lot. Because of the lessons, I now understand the English language. Thank you so much.

Hasan Haddad


The teachers of your course are the most genuine and good people. My English got so much better, thank you so much.

Reem Mohammad

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