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    Learning English combines two sections, each covering main goals and objectives that complement the others': Written English and Conversational English

    Written English

    This section is based on teaching students the basics of written English such as error-free writing, grammar, composing texts and essays.

    Written English will offer students:

    • Perfect English grammar
    • Meticulous reading skills
    • Daily vocabulary and expressions
    • Capability to link information to speech
    • Ability to analyze and use idioms
    • Skills to understand texts, stories and novels

    Conversational English

    Conversational English, also known as learning English speaking, englobes speech, accent, oral expression and pronunciation.

    Conversational English enables students to:

    • Master their pronunciation
    • Avoid common mistakes
    • Identify grammar mistakes
    • Conduct a  full conversation  in English
    • Understand and comment on topics
    • Apply the information acquired from written English

    With Englease.com you can learn Written English and
    Conversational English and become proficient!

    How can our courses help you
    learn conversational English?

    • Our interactive courses allow you to interact and speak with other students and teachers
    • Our advanced tools help you control the video speed to practice your speech
    • Our teachers speak English like natives which will help you acquire a perfect American accent

    Learn conversational English
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