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We offer you the chance to subject your candidates to an English proficiency assessment test through our platform where you will be provided with their scores and adequate study plans to enhance their performance

Enhance your company's performance by improving your employees’ level of English proficiency

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Client testimonial:

"SPARK collaborated with since October 2019 on an initial batch of 100 students over a period of 3 months completing at least one English language level. SPARK provided a list of potential students to to undergo a placement test and getting designated to the relevant level according to their test scores.

The students were very receptive to take the test and the courses due to its online nature, which makes it easier for them to manage their time. We valued the flexibility and the rigorous follow-up that exerted with our students as well as their commitment to deliver an excellent experience and a high level of coordination with our team.

On December 2019, the first batch completed their designated level. The students gave positive feedback after completion and they promoted the course among their peers until the point where we got many requests to offer this course again. On January 2020, we renewed our contract with covering 200 students over a period of 6 months. As we speak, is finalizing the placement test for the first batch of 100 students"

- Adam Sleiman, Project Officer HES, SPARK.

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What I loved most about englease was that I didn't have to leave my house to learn! I have a busy schedule and having classes available 16 hours a day gave me the opportunity to learn whenever I could free up some time! Highly recommended!

- Malak S.


I needed to work on some skills and englease was the perfect platform for me. I highly recommend englease whether you’re a beginner or just need to refine some skills

- Samer A.


I thought learning English would be a lot harder and would take much longer. I learned a lot of new vocabulary and can now form complete sentences and hold entire conversations. Thanks englease!

- Ali M.

englease is accredited by the CPD