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  • 7 learning levels
  • Special schedules for each level
  • Flexibility in time and class choice

Learn English from scratch

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    Full English courses

    • Our courses have 7 accredited levels
    • Each level has unique classes
    • Each course contains unique objectives that must be achieved upon completion of each level

    How does this schedule work?

    • The schedule notifies students about the timing of the next course
    • Students can choose the course they want to attend, not necessarily in order
    • Students are able to participate in the class at the time of their choice

    What’s to be expected in each course?

    • Innovative and interactive teaching methods
    • Evaluation tests for acquired information
    • Practice exercises and homework

    Englease.com's accredited courses will help you learn English from scratch and achieve fluency!

    The importance of full English
    courses lies within the following:

    Learning some terms and simple grammar rules totally differs from completing a full English course because the shallow information that students might learn from one class will not be anchored in their memory and will not level up  to  the benefits of the information acquired through the full course.

    Full English courses help students:

    • Enhance cognitive skills
    • Enhance communication skills
    • Develop error-free speech and accent
    • Assess their own capabilities through their performance

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