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Learn English from scratch

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    Beginner levels

    What do beginner level courses include?

    • Learning letters in English
    • Using simple English words
    • Reading English words and phrases
    • Spelling common vocabulary words
    • Introducing oneself and others
    • Interacting with others
    • Expressing basic needs

    Benefits of English for beginners

    Why is English for beginners recommended?

    • To acquire a native-like pronunciation
    • To build up on communication skills and comprehension
    • To be able to distinguish the letters in English and avoid Spelling mistakes
    • To pave the way for higher linguistic levels offers you learning programs
    designed especially for beginners in compliance
    with the guidelines and recommendations of the CEFR.

    Who can benefit from beginner levels in English?

    • Students with difficulties in distinguishing English letters
    • Students with difficulties to understand daily used words
    • Students with reading difficulties of 3 letter words and above

    Which levels come next?

    • Upon completion of beginner levels (PRE-A1 – A1 – A2)
    • you advance to the intermediate levels (B1 – B2)
    • to finally reach the advanced levels (C1 – C2)

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