Englease.com aims to positively impact Arab societies by providing thorough English language education programs for schools in order to unlock future career opportunities!

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Englease.com offers a sustainable solution for the MENA region by teaching English as a second language for school students with the aim of opening future career doors for Arab youth


Who’s a Beneficiary?

School students, schools and educational institutions

What Services Do We Offer?

We offer a full English language teaching program designed specifically to meet students' educational needs which translate particularly in their poor English proficiency levels

White Label Solution

English Language Teaching Programs with tailored English language courses that cater to the needs of Arab students

Strategic partnership enabling a white label solution delivered directly from the educational establishment’s website to its target audience

Our extensive curriculum designed by experts in teaching English as a second language will help students reach English proficiency

We offer various types of English courses

English for career development

An expertly constructed curriculum helping students acquire skills needed in their workplace

English for industry

An industry-specific curriculum covering specific needs expressed by students is their respective domain

General English

7 proficiency levels teaching the basics of the English language

English for primary

Targeting 6-11 year olds, this curriculum is designed and built to not only offer the basics of the language but also increase students' curiosity and interest in the language

English for High School

Focuses on 11-16 year olds, this curriculum is well rounded and touches on vocabulary, grammar, comprehension as well as prepares students for university

IELTS preparatory courses

360-degree coverage of the IELTS academic test: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking in addition to the booking of the student’s seat for the official test

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