The #1 driver of GDP in any country in the world rests on its human capital’s ability to innovate and compete

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mandatory*’s mission is to drive positive societal and economical impact by delivering a highly effective online English program

We partner with various government entities and initiatives to deliver our high impact English program:

Who’s a Beneficiary?

Direct and indirect government employees serving various sectors: tourism & hospitality, healthcare, services, etc

What Services Do We Offer?

We partner with Government entities in order to fuel key development initiatives such as: Workforce localization, youth employment, global scholarship programs and vocational training opportunities…

White Label Solution

English Language Training Programs with tailored English language courses that cater to the needs of your workforce.

Strategic partnership enabling a white label solution delivered directly from the government entity’s website to the target audience

Our Goal

  • Empowering government employees to excel in public sectors
  • Developing government teams’ skills on all possible scales
  • Improving employees’ professional capabilities to serve the interests of the government and economy

What’s the effect of English proficiency on the Economy ?

Study shows a direct link between the English proficiency level of a population and the economic status of the country.

According to the EPI research :

  • A rise in English proficiency is linked to a rise in per capita income
  • A rise in English proficiency rate results in a higher GNI and GDP
  • A higher English proficiency level leads to 30-50% percent higher salaries
  • English speaking populations attract international collaborations and investments

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About’s Training Programs: is an online English teaching platform focusing mainly on the MENA region.

Our curriculum is designed in accordance with the standards of the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and accredited by the CPD in the UK. We offer an English language training program for employees, provided by our team of teachers who teach in-person through virtual classrooms and are fluent in both Arabic and English. Their rooted experience in this field enables them to well equip the student and work towards developing their performance in the English language through live classes on Zoom, 16 hours a day and 7 days a week!

About Our General English Courses:

General English courses at rely on multiple approaches in order to develop students' language fluency:

Advanced Educational Curriculum

We adopt modern educational methods and stay up to date with the newest technologies in order to provide interesting, useful and distinct classroom content attracting the learner's interest.

Group Training Programs

Our group training programs are characterized by the advanced curriculum that stimulates communication skills within the group and facilitates the live practice of the language.

Private Online Training Program

Our training programs are tailored to suit each student's needs and to keep pace with their personal progress.

We offer employees professional and specialized training programs in all professional and practical fields that will help them enhance their English level to the purpose of accomplishing their daily tasks.

Our programs allow employees to elevate your current level to a more professional one through specialized classes that are in line with your specific needs and professional field.

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