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    Why choose to learn English in the first place?

    Benefits of learning English from scratch:

    • Helps you keep up with development and open up to the world
    • Offers new opportunities for work or studies
    • Facilitates travel experiences and allows you to fit in with natives

    Who are the beneficiaries:

    • Those aiming to work, study or migrate to another country
    • Those looking to enrich their knowledge
    • Those who are passionate about learning new languages
    • Those possessing the will and determination to succeed

    All our courses at Englease.com were
    developed by English teaching experts!

    What are the first stages of learning English from scratch?

    In the first three levels you will be able to:

    • Distinguish letters to form words and simple phrases
    • Conduct basic and brief conversations in English 
    • Reading in English: learning letters, words and simple phrases

    Learning letters in English will help you:

    • Distinguish phonics sounds
    • Spell words correctly
    • Write with no errors
    • Acquire a perfect pronunciation

    What’s the best way to learn English from scratch?

    Englease.com  offers you live classes and content that complement your academic objectives.

    Live classes

    Practice your English speaking through our classes:

    • One on one classes ( Teacher- Student)
    • Collective classes (Teacher- Group of students)

    Class Content

    With us, you can learn to speak,
    read and write in English!

    Our English classes cover many linguistic
    fundamental basics that allow you to:

    • Learn the letters in English
    • Learn to read in English
    • Learn to speak in English

    Your first step into your English
    learning journey starts here!
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