English Proficiency and Its Role In Employability in the MENA Region

November 17, 2022
english proficiency and its role in employability in the mena region

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The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has the highest youth population worldwide, but unfortunately holds the highest youth unemployment rates in the world. Many studies highlight the importance of education, considering it an essential factor in economic development in the region and a solution that can alleviate the problem of unemployment among youth, and while education plays a significant role in the development of societies; there is a big focus on the importance of English proficiency and mastering English language skills, considering its correlation with employability and career growth in the region. 

English proficiency has become one of the most important requirements for job seekers in the Middle East and North Africa. Candidates that are fluent in English are most likely to pass job interviews with a higher success rate, can effectively communicate with colleagues, can understand and complete tasks more efficiently, are better prepared to face struggles in the workplace, and are considered the best representatives of their companies or institutions when dealing with local and global markets.

Additionally, employees who can fluently speak English are not limited only to the geographical spot in which they are located, especially with the new remote-work movement and other trends in the job market such as freelance work. Being proficient in English can help employees work remotely with teams from around the world, without having to relocate; however, regardless of how talented or skilled a candidate is, lack of English proficiency can cause many challenges and obstacles, especially when it comes to formal communication, which often leads to a slower career progression. 

In addition to the direct correlation between English proficiency and employability, promotions and raises are also highly affected by the employee’s English language level, as it is often seen that employees who are proficient in English can effectively express themselves, are up-to-date with the latest local and global developments in the company’s field of work, can overcome obstacles and challenges faster than their colleagues, and usually earn up to three times more than their peers who lack English proficiency in the MENA region according to recent research. 

Given the current and future requirements in today’s extremely competitive and challenging job market, and because English language proficiency is one of the most important requirements, especially in the MENA region, you should be well-equipped to face these challenges, whether you were an employee or an employer. As a graduate, job seeker, or even as a current employee, you must understand your current level of English proficiency, and start developing your skills to keep up with the demanding job market. 

Proficiency in the English language should be your first priority to successfully pass job interviews and tests that some companies may require as part of the interview process. You should also be able to write formal emails, professional business letters, and be able to communicate with your superiors or even members of your team, and express your creative ideas seamlessly during business meetings and calls. This will result in a higher chance for promotions in your current job or better opportunities in your career. If you are a business owner, L&D manager, or HR specialist, and you want to increase your team’s competitiveness in the local and global job markets, you should start by developing and implementing strategic plans to improve your workforces’ English language skills. 

In conclusion, the increased competition for career opportunities among youth has highlighted the importance of good English language skills as a necessity in today’s world. Therefore, achieving proficiency and developing English language skills should be a priority for both employees and business owners. It can be achieved by setting a goal in mind, believing in your ability to achieve it, and staying consistent. If you’d like to learn more about how englease can help you achieve English proficiency with flexible and customizable plans, contact us to receive a solution that is tailored to your needs.

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