englease and Education for Employment (EFE-Saudi) Join Forces to Empower Youth in Saudi Arabia

March 7, 2023

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates- 7th of March 2023: “Education for Employment”, the leading youth employment organization in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that empowers unemployed youth by preparing and connecting them to tangible job opportunities with its vast employer partner network, has announced its partnership with “englease”, the first Edtech company that provides accredited English language programs synchronously in the MENA region. This partnership is aimed at empowering the youth in Saudi Arabia by enhancing their English proficiency and increasing their career prospects.


Despite the rapidly growing youth population in Saudi Arabia, employers face a top business challenge in accessing talent. Many youth are unable to pursue all of their employment options, or do not know how to, due to the gap between traditional education and labor market demands. EFE-Saudi was founded to address this challenge and transform it into an opportunity for young people in the region.


englease is an innovative online education platform delivering accredited English classes in a synchronous and interactive environment, taught by experienced in-house teachers. englease offers a flexible and effective learning experience with a comprehensive library of practice videos, exercises, and tests. With over 350,000 learners and 86,000 classes delivered, englease is a trusted solution by individuals and global corporations such as Zain and Rotana, and is backed by major investors including LearnCapital, 500Global, and Wamda.


Hasan Makansi, Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer at englease, acknowledged the significant impact this strategic partnership will have on the youth of the Kingdom. He stated: “We are excited to partner with EFE-Saudi in empowering the youth of Saudi Arabia through enhanced English proficiency and increased career prospects. This collaboration is a step towards bridging the gap between traditional education and the labor market demands, and we are confident that our innovative online education platform will provide a flexible and effective learning experience for the young people in the region. Together, we are committed to creating opportunities for the rapidly growing youth population in Saudi Arabia and transforming their challenges into success.”


From his side, Abdullah Al Ghamdi, General Manager of EFE-Saudi said: “We are very pleased to partner with englease  in Saudi Arabia to enable Saudi youth reaching their potential and connect them to the world of work, in alignment with Saudi vision 2030 the partnership aims to build Saudi youth capabilities by upskilling and enhancing their English proficiency. Together, we will enable Saudi youth to compete in the labor market and create better opportunities for them”


This partnership represents a powerful collaboration that leverages the strengths of both organizations to make a lasting impact on the lives of young people in Saudi Arabia. The combination of englease’s expertise in English language learning and EFE-Saudi’s focus on providing demand-driven skills will help create a brighter future for the youth of the kingdom.


In addition to englease’s specialized training programs, registrants from EFE-Saudi will gain exclusive access to various tools such as the free assessment tool, a dedicated dashboard for easy access and progress monitoring, and more. 

To know more about the partnership and how you can benefit from it, please visit: https://englease.com/en/efe-saudi/

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