Englease launches an English language program dedicated to the healthcare industry.

April 25, 2023

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The healthcare sector is a rapidly growing field that requires accuracy in communication and active listening skills, among many important competencies to deal with patients’ lives that are constantly at stake. 


The existence and busy schedules of healthcare institutions help reduce unemployment by providing a variety of specializations. However, similar to any other field, special requirements are needed to excel and succeed in any of its opportunities. One important requirement is mastering the English language  skills used in this sector, and communicating effectively with colleagues, doctors, managers, patients and their families.


Therefore, englease has decided to launch its new program: an English language program dedicated to the healthcare industry. It is a program that offers unique and specialized solutions to enable medical staff and develop their professional skills by mastering the English language and enhancing their performance. Upon completing the program, Trainees will be able to communicate efficiently with all employees or visitors to their healthcare institutions or hospitals, and they will perform tasks efficiently to achieve the goals, mission and vision of their institutions.


Through specialized training, healthcare providers and other potential employees will be able to master the usage of English language and  the most commonly used terms in the healthcare sector. For example, they will use accurate language to describe symptoms, write diagnoses, communicate news, and talk about solutions and side effects. They will master writing skills to create reports, prescriptions or descriptions professionally. They will also master the skills, techniques, and etiquette of professional communication in various potential healthcare situations, and learn how to deal tactfully and skillfully with any challenges or complications. They will also acquire a variety of skills that will ensure their excellence and growth in this field. As a result, companies will be able to hone the skills of their staff to build a highly efficient workforce that can achieve their goals.


Ultimately, the solution provides a convenient and synchronous way for healthcare institutions to train existing employees, this solution also offers a range of features to support career development, including a dashboard to monitor trainees’ progress, in addition to an assessment tool for hiring managers to determine language training requirements for new hires.

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