englease Launches English Language Program Tailored for Banking Services

April 18, 2023

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Banking services are among the constantly growing and evolving fields in the global job market, providing employment opportunities for the youth and all individuals seeking to excel in this domain. To succeed in securing a job in this industry or to aspire to career advancement, employees are required to master various effective communication skills using the official language of business – English. This is essential for effective communication during work meetings with managers and colleagues, as well as for professionally dealing with the largest customer base possible. 


Therefore, englease has launched its new program, the English Language Program tailored for banking services. This specialized and innovative solution aims to support and empower professionals in the finance industry to master the necessary English language skills that can sharpen their competencies, allowing them to achieve excellence and growth. Consequently, they will be able to communicate confidently and smoothly in the workplace, understand customer needs, and meet them with the most effective and successful means to enhance their institutions locally and globally.


Through the English for Banking program from englease, employees will be able to keep up with any continuously evolving requirements and challenges in this field by acquiring and applying effective verbal and written communication skills in English. They will also practice the most commonly used vocabulary in the sector through real-life scenarios. Consequently, trainees will succeed in understanding different customer needs and handling them with flexibility and intelligence. The program will enable employees to handle potential work-related challenges and complications, and to master many additional professional skills which will improve their performance and enhance overall operations.


Ultimately, the solution provides a convenient and synchronous way for banks and financial institutions to train existing employees, this solution also offers a range of features to support career development, including a dashboard to monitor trainees’ progress, in addition to an assessment tool for hiring managers to determine language training requirements for new hires.

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