englease launches its English For Retail program

April 11, 2023

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates: April 11, 2023 – Since English has become the official language of communication in both local and global business contexts, especially in the retail industry, it has become fundamental for professionals in these fields to possess English language skills. It is essential nowadays to master the art of customer communication to achieve higher sales figures. Hence, retail businesses should consider English language training for employees as a strategic priority.


Therefore, englease has launched its new program, the English Language Program tailored for the Retail Industry, a creative solution designed specifically to assist professionals in the field to acquire and practice the necessary English language skills to enhance their capabilities, achieve professional growth and excellence, and close more profitable deals.


One of the most important requirements for success and professional advancement in the retail industry is the ability to keep up with the rapidly evolving demands and challenges. Through the English for Retail Program, employees will be able to acquire and practice effective communication skills, both oral and written, in English, master the most used vocabulary in this industry, understand customer demands and efficiently meet their needs, and describe products and services professionally and attractively. They will also be trained to handle any potential problems with flexibility and intelligence, in addition to many other skills related to professional excellence and preparation to attract the best customers and close profitable deals. Ultimately, companies will secure professionally trained staff equipped with the set of skills needed to succeed and elevate their business in local and global markets.


Finally, this specialized solution provides a unique and synchronous way for retail businesses to train existing employees. It also offers a range of features to support career development, including a dashboard to monitor trainees’ progress, in addition to an assessment tool for hiring managers to determine language training requirements for new hires.

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