englease Releases its Assessment Test as a Tool for Organizations

December 15, 2022

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englease, the region’s leading Edtech company providing synchronous accredited English language programs, has announced the release of its assessment test as a tool that companies, organizations, and schools can utilize to identify the level of english language proficiency which is proven to enhance upskilling capacity, communications skills, and competitiveness.

This tool will provide tremendous value for companies aiming to upskill their workforce, advance their career progression, and onboard the right talent for vacant positions, considering the role that English language proficiency plays in enhancing both external and internal communication, expanding business opportunities in the local and regional markets, and achieving long and short term business goals. Nowadays, English proficiency is an essential investment that brings plenty of rewards in a competitive and globalized world. Being proficient in English can improve job prospects, propel growth both professionally and personally, and provide access to knowledge that is shared throughout the world.

“Our Assessment Tool is an outcome of many consultations with companies and organizations in the region that have testing of English language skills for employees and candidates as a requirements for either their hiring process or to better tailor L&D plans and upskilling programs.” said Hasan Makansi, Chief Strategy & Commercial Officer at englease. “We will also be working with companies and organizations individually to tailor this tool according to their needs.”

The assessment tool provides accurate and reliable results that help recruiters evaluate how well a candidate uses language within a practical setting, in addition to evaluating a candidate’s speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills. Additionally, the tool helps HR and L&D managers  establish learning and development strategies that would result in efficient and impactful training and upskilling, considering the fact that enrolling the workforce in training delivered in English without having the adequate level of English proficiency will not have the desired impact. 

Furthermore, having a proper assessment tool in place can lead to significant efficiency and improvement to the organization’s recruitment process,  eliminate subjectivity and bias, and increase confidence in potential candidates. 

To find out more information about the englease Assessment Tool and how it can help your company, please visit our website:


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